The library has over the years grown in all spheres from the number of books, newspapers, magazines, journals to a lot of new added features to improve the overall learning experience and where students can come and be sure of extra reference from books where perhaps they will not be able to purchase since some of which are very expensive.

The library is looked after by the Library Advisory Committee (LAC) which has Prof. B. R. Upadhya (HOD, Commerce) as convener, Vice-Principal Dr. (Mrs.) S. Sen and HOD, Economics Mrs. J. C. Blah as members including the Librarian & the staff, library ,also, as members. The LAC meets at least twice a year to deliberate on a whole range of issues pertaining to the needs of the library.

Books Newspapers Magazines Journals e-Journals
8256 9 11 7 3

The library is subscribed to e-resources from N-List which gives access to thousands of e-journals and e-books. Students can refer and get a lot of information online from these e-resources.

The college has reprographic facility where students can get photocopies of needed information from the books at the library at minimal cost.

The number of students visiting the library daily is 70-80 (approx) and the number soars especially before examinations where students rush to get extra information and notes.

The library is Wi-Fi enabled and has 8 computer stations where students can browse the internet and use for online references and 2 computers at the Teachers corner which is meant exclusively for Teachers.

Purified drinking water is provided in the library for both the staff and the students.

The total number of books purchased by the library for the year 2016 is 155.

The Library staff participated in the 10th convention, PLANNER 2016 on “Disruptive Innovations for Libraries: Adopt, Adapt and Evolve” organized by the INFLIBNET centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat in collaboration with North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, Meghalaya, from 9th to 11th November 2016.

The library conducted an orientation program on the 11th August 2016 for students to inform them of the various services provided. Here the students are encouraged to make use of all the facilities the library has to offer.

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