General Rules For Maintenance of Discipline Among The Students

  • Students must abide by the Rules & Regulations of the College.

  • The Principal reserves to himself the right to refuse admission to any students without furnishing any reason thereof.

  • A Student who remains absent for one month without prior permission will have his/her name removed from the college register.

  • Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of assignments, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the staff or bad moral influence justify dismissal from college.

  • Any kind of damage done to the college premises & defacing of College walls, property including desks & electric fittings will result in the summoning of the parents to the college office. Help to keep the college premises tidy.

  • Parents are expected to cooperate in the work of the college, particularly by by enforcing regularity and discipline, by evincing interest in their children's progress & by extending the fullest encouragement to participation in college actvities.

  • The carrying of weapons or dangerous instruments, the use of any kind of Drugs, the introduction of objectionable literature, smoking & consumption of alcoholic drink in the college premises will lead to immediate suspension from the college & possible expulsion.

  • Pupils are expected & required to take part in various college activities.

  • Ragging/Eve-teasing in any form is strictly prohibited.If any student is found ragging or eve-teasing, he/she will be expelled immediately.

Special Instructions

  • Familiarize yourself with all college rules as notified from time to time.

  • Get a cash receipt for all amounts paid in the Bank/College office.

  • Maintain decorum whether inside of outside the college premises.

  • Be regular in attending your classes. A lesson missed is missed forever.

  • During tea & lunch breaks all students should remain within the college campus.

  • No transfer certificate will be issued until all dues are paid in full for the whole Academic Session.

  • No act of inteference in the college administration, disrespect to any religion, community or to any teacher will be tolerated. Communal harmony is to be preserved & fostered by word & deed.

  • Collection of donations for any purpose requires the permission of the Principal.

  • All bonafied students of the college must carry their college Identity Cards with them & will have to produce the same on demand by Principal/ Teachers or College authority.

  • Students must read the Notice Board every day.Ignorance of any notification will not be accepted as an excuse for not performing a required activity.

  • Students shall maintain perfect silence in classrooms, library & office rooms.

  • No Society or Association can be formed by students in the college without the permission of the Principal nor shall any person be invited to address a meeting in the college premises of the Principal.

  • No Posters/banners/Notices/Pamphlets etc be placed/posted/distributed without prior permission of the Principal.

  • The college reserves the right to frame new rules & regulations as & when needed.

Dress Code

  • A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also make students focus on their studies rather than on their clothes. The college has prescribed a Dress Code for Class XI and Class XII students.

Class XI and Class XII Uniforms

Boys Girls
Shirts: Full(white) Grey Salwar
Black Trouser Black kameez
Tie Pull Over
Socks(Black) Blazer
Grey Sweater Full Grey Sweater Full
Blazer Socks(Black)
Black Shoes Black Shoes

Since the uniforms are emblazoned with the college Emblem, students will have to visit SHUBHAM, Near A. C.LaneJunction, Police Bazaar, Shillong 793001, Meghalaya for the aforementioned Uniforms.

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